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EC Programmer / Keyboard tester (Set # 2)

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EC Programmer / Keyboard tester
This is a 100% new and original device 'Vertyanov JIG Rev 3.2'



Programming Nuvoton EC NPCE288N, NPCE388N
Programming ENE EC KB902, KB9010, KB9012, KB9016, KB9022, KB9028
Programming ITE EC IT8386E, IT8580, IT8585, IT8586, IT8587, IT8985, IT8987
Programming Microchip EC MEC1609, MEC1619, MEC1633L, MEC5075, MEC5085
Programming EEPROM LCD panels (EDID display)
Check keyboards from laptops



Reading / writing NUVOTON EC (NPCE288N / NPCE388N) - directly on the MB laptop via the keyboard connector.
Reading Time Loop 70 seconds. Time erase + write about 20 sec.
Reading / writing  ITE EC (IT8386E, IT8580, IT8585, IT8586, IT8587, IT8985, IT8987) is through the keyboard connector without soldering.
Writing - from 100 to 200 seconds. Reading to 20sec.
Reading / writing ENE EC (KB9010, KB9012, KB9016, KB9022, KB9028) is through the keyboard connector without soldering.
Reading about 10 seconds. Recording with verification of no more than 20 seconds.
Reading / writing Microchip EC (MEC1609, MEC1619, MEC1633L, MEC5075, MEC5085) via the JTAG interface.
Off line check of keyboards and check through the program on the PC.
You must have two USB A(m)-B(m) cables - square as printers, scanners, etc ..
One cable for connecting to the PC, and the other to connect the ground programmer and laptop motherboard.
Software and instruction in English.
Shell works on all OS Windows: XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64 bit).


The advantages of this original version of the programmer:

Work with all latest software versions.
Support in an open forum. The support is provided by the creator of the programmer, Mr. Sergey Vertyanov, and other advanced specialists.
The ability to order a repair kit for the programmer.


Contents of delivery:

EC Programmer 'Vertyanov JIG Rev 3.2' - 1
A set of eight FPC cables for connecting the motherboard and the programmer through the keyboard connector: 30 pins (0.5 mm pitch), 26 and 30 pins (0.8 mm pitch), 24/26/28/30/32 pins (1 mm pitch) - 1
JTAG cable - 1
EDID cable - 1



Worldwide shipping via EMS. The cost of shipping is included in the cost of the programmer. Express shipment with tracking number and loss insurance.
Tracking link: https://www.ems.post/en
Sending 2-7 days after payment (depending on stock availability).

Ask questions about the programmer in the 'Contact US' section.

Added by: Dr-laptop, Saturday, 08.06.2019

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